My 8 and 6 year old now remind me that they need to take their GOO! They are perfectly happy to take it themselves and no longer need my help. They are both happy and healthy – in fact my 6 year old has not been ill since she started taking it. Thank you!


Dear Linda,
I am reassured by your answer and shall continue to take the Bio-Live dark, which I really like: 
My IBS has calmed down and I do not bloat.

It would be great if you did start using glass bottles, in which case I, for one, would be prepared to pay more if necessary.
You are welcome to use my feedback.  I’m also very impressed with the trough Bio-Fresh, which keeps the trough water clear for longer.*
Kind regards,


My IBS has gone after a couple months – I can eat a red hot spicy curry now without being in agony the next day! Also I can eat bread now. Its great; my doctor says it is safe and I have thrown away the ridiculously expensive tablets. The results are so amazing my dad is now taking it.*

Paul Bailey

My stomach is definitely more settled since using this and I feel much better*

Miranda Hicks

I had continual nagging pain in my lower intestine due to diverticulitis. I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome and general poor digestion. Taking the Bio-live has relieved the intestinal pain and removed the symptoms of the diverticulitis and IBS. My digestion has improved considerably and my general health is better. I have never had any adverse symptoms for taking these products. Many other medicines I get from my doctor affect me negatively, while these products have never given me the same negative results.*

Muriel Allen

I was taking it to calm my digestion, which it has done, very gently.*

Lorna Green

It’s really good! What I notice more than anything is when I don’t take it. My tummy doesn’t function well and I feel lethargic and blah. When I take it I have more vitality and ‘joie de vivre’.*

Alex P

I take both Bio-Live Blonde and Dark, whichever I can get my hands on! I haven’t had a winter cold for two years, my digestion is less sluggish so I feel brighter and more energetic. To be honest, I wouldn’t be without it now.*

Sue A

I definitely had a strong sense of well being whilst taking Bio-Live. I understand that it was boosting the positive microbes in my body and that felt good. Taking it each morning reminded me that I was taking care of myself.*


Great news: I used not to be able to eat eggs or dairy products, now I can. Also my digestive system copes with wheat better.*

Linda S

I have been taking bio-live for several months now, not as regularly as I would like however, and I’ve noticed how much less bloated I feel when taking it. I feel my intestine is more active and alive and I’ve been inspired to do a five day fast recently in readiness for a regular regime of bio-live to completely detoxify and re-flower it.*

Nicholas May

I’ve been on the Bio-Live (dark) for about 3 months, and virtually straight away, I noticed that an almost constant pain in the ileo-caecal valve area (right groin) which I’ve had for years, has virtually disappeared. The whole digestive tract feels smoother and calmer. Thrilled.*


I am finding Bio-Live very useful as my ten year old and I are allergic to dust and she has asthma. We both really notice the difference.*

Alex M

I have used this one for a while now – for general health improvement and to help me recover from hepatitis I caught whilst travelling and it has helped me a lot.*

Nick Williams