Bio-Live is brewed by Microbz Ltd, who offer natural, safe and effective non-toxic products for YOU your HOME, your GARDEN and ANIMALS.

Microbz was conceived by Sue and Jeff Allen in 2009 with backing from the LifeWorks Foundation – a not-for-profit organisation investing in new technologies in the UK. Based in Wiltshire, the facility has expanded to a brewing capacity of 5000 litres per month. Since it’s launch 7 years ago, an expanded new brewing facility was opened in July 2016 to accommodate for the growth of Microbz.

Bio-Live is our living fermented liquids – a broad spectrum of living, friendly bacteria. Our blend has been carefully developed over 4 years and lovingly brewed in small batches.

  • We believe in the best of business, science and humanitarian principles to offer real solutions to as many people as possible.
  • We use natural ingredients.
  • We don’t use GMO or chemical ingredients.
  • Our supplies are purchased from like-minded companies.
  • Packaging is kept to a minimum and we use compostable, eco-friendly and sustainable consumables wherever possible.
  • We believe in open and honest communication and transparency in our business practices.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch.
Microbz Ltd, Naish House, Spirthill, Calne, Wiltshire, United Kingdom, SN11 9HW.
Do call us if you would prefer to buy via the telephone:

+44(0)1249 760 486

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